Hellish Neighbours

The classic Neighbors from Hell comes to Android


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  • Category Action/Adventure
  • License Free
  • Version 1.0.6a
  • Size 43 MB
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.luromproduction.hellishneighbours
  • Author LUROMproduction

Everyone has probably lived next door to hellish neighbours at one point in their lives. Hellish Neighbours, the game, takes that concept, and now you can have your revenge. For example, you can pull off elaborate tricks and stunts on unwitting residents. You're the star of a new TV show, and the camera tracks your every movement as you set up your neighbours for devilish traps. Your only goal in Hellish Neighbours involves generating chaos and disarray among the common folk. You want to increase TV ratings and even win prestigious awards for your efforts. Exercise caution, nevertheless, because watchful neighbours own guard dogs, and should your prankster antics be discovered, the producers will cancel your show.

In truth, Hellish Neighbours is the unofficial adaptation of the classic Neighbours from Hell. You play the role of a man fed up with his crazy neighbour's behavior, and he has chosen to take vengeance through pranks. You control the cursor with your finger, and you can move the protagonist around the screen. Want to take care of that creepy snoop? Dig some glue out of your closet and apply it to the binoculars. They will get stuck to his face. Other props include firecrackers, mouse traps, markers and marbles. With these objects, you can make some dangerously hilarious traps. Overall, the game offers simplicity in controls, but you have excellent entertainment, and you can also get this game for the Android. Meanwhile, the PC version is about as good as the console version.


  • Wide combination of traps
  • Prank the hellish neighbour you always dreamed of getting revenge on
  • Simple controls
  • Humorous game to play


  • The game is too short
  • Unable to see many of your complex labours unfold